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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can I stream for free?

Absolutely. Every new account gets 30 minutes credited to their account just for signing up. No credit card required. No catch.

Do you provide transcoding?

Yes! We're proud to offer transcoding on every stream. All streams get adaptive bitrate transcoding and are delivered via a global CDN. No buffering for your viewers!

Are there any ads or branding?

Nope! We don't put branding or ads on any plans - not even on your free 30min.

Do you record streams?

We certainly do. Every stream is recorded and available for download after. You'll find them under Recordings in the menu.

Do you provide refunds?

Maybe. Live streaming is very expensive and so we generally don't offer refunds. That being said, if you have extenuating circumstances, reach out to us and we'll talk.

Are you going to have X feature?

It's possible! We really want to keep MightStream as simple and affordable as possible, but if there's something you feel you can't live without, let us know about it!

"MightStream is simple to use and easy to afford. I was signed up and streaming in less than 5 minutes. Thanks!”

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“I looked at many different options, and have paid as much as $250/mo for an embeddable player. MightStream is a fraction of the cost and it works. I'll stick with MightStream.”

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